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French Tin Toys

The Golden Age of

La Belle Epoque ( 1871-1914)

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Large size 33x28 cm - 13x11 inch - Smaller size 25x20 cm - 10x8 inch

Prices € 99,- 33x28 cm - 13x11 inchabout $ 130,- (see orderform) € 69,- 25x20 cm - 10x8 inchabout $ 99,- (see orderform)

For your sales promotion or for a gift !You can have your own imprint, name or logo !It's free of charge for 25 copies minimum.Send me an email for more information.

€ 99,- large size 33x28 cm € 69,- small size 25x20 cm

Last updated 20 July 2014 

A New Sensationel TOY Book !

from the author of "The Golden Years of Tin toy Trains"

From the author of "The Golden Years of Tin Toy Trains" Paul Klein Schiphorst

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Publication October 1st 2014